Black Swan Lane

Обложка альбома Black Swan LaneBlack Swan Lane is a US/UK indie-rock band/project founded in 2007 by Jack Sobel and John Kolbeck (formerly of The Messengers) and Mark Burgess (formerly of The Chameleons UK, The Sun and the Moon and Bird). For their first release Long Way From Home Sobel, Kolbeck and Burgess (the only permanent members of the project) were joined by Yves Altana and Achim Faerber (both previous bandmates of Burgess) and on vocals Anna-Lynne Williams (member of Trespassers William). In 2009, one of the tracks from the first album In the Ether was featured in the major film release Adventureland In November 2008 Sobel and Burgess were joined by Andy Whitaker and Andy Clegg to re-form the Sun and the Moon for a one-off US show in Sobel's hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. During practice sessions for the show several new songs were written and, in June 2009, emerged as Black Swan Lane's second album The Sun and the Moon Sessions. Jimmy Oakes and Ghanaian percussionist Kwasi Asante, both friends of Burgess, also collaborated on this album. In April 2010 the band released their third album (like the others on Eden Records) Things You Know And Love to some critical acclaim.
  • Трек: Tidal Wave
  • Исполнитель (артист): Black Swan Lane
  • Длительность 3:50
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Black Swan Lane - Tidal Wave"

  • 3:34
    Black Swan LaneOne Life
  • 5:38
    Black Swan LaneBelow the Sound
  • 5:15
    Black Swan LaneTake Your Time
  • 4:23
    Black Swan LaneDNA
  • 6:08
    Black Swan LaneMake Me Your Song
  • 5:37
    Black Swan LaneRelax And Breathe
  • 6:49
    Black Swan LaneStranger
  • 4:42
    Black Swan LaneFree
  • 5:46
    Black Swan LaneLeave
  • 4:21
    Black Swan LaneTime
  • 5:32
    Black Swan LaneMalpelo
  • 6:23
    Black Swan LaneLost for You
  • 2:19
    Black Swan LaneThe Bird
  • 3:51
    Black Swan LaneAlone in Love
  • 4:40
    Black Swan LaneCan't Say Till I'm There
  • 4:47
    Black Swan LaneSay Goodbye
  • 2:57
    Black Swan LaneSandia
  • 5:03
    Black Swan LaneMore
  • 4:22
    Black Swan LaneTime
  • 5:23
    Black Swan LaneMother Nature
  • 4:40
    Black Swan LaneCan't Say Till I'm Here
  • 3:08
    Black Swan LaneBody and Soul
  • 6:21
    Black Swan LaneYears
  • 3:20
    Black Swan LanePretty in Tears
  • 4:56
    Black Swan LaneWithout Your Hands To Hold
  • 5:00
    Black Swan LaneHarmony
  • 3:35
    Black Swan LaneThe Cage
  • 2:24
    Black Swan LaneIn The Ether
  • 4:49
    Black Swan LaneTurn Around
  • 5:20
    Black Swan LaneA Moment Of Happiness
  • 5:10
    Black Swan LaneIlluminate
  • 6:41
    Black Swan LaneHome
  • 5:35
    Black Swan LaneAnother You
  • 4:27
    Black Swan LaneLeave Me Helpless
  • 4:11
    Black Swan LaneMore Than Enough
  • 5:28
    Black Swan LaneDust
  • 3:27
    Black Swan LaneTired
  • 3:10
    Black Swan LaneAlvea
  • 3:43
    Black Swan LaneThis Precious Life
  • 5:46
    Black Swan LaneDust (Original Demo Version)
  • 4:14
    Black Swan LaneSlide Off The End
  • 3:38
    Black Swan LaneSecond Soul
  • 3:33
    Black Swan LanePray
  • 4:20
    Black Swan LaneOnly I Will Miss
  • 5:33
    Black Swan LaneStop to Smile (Rough Mix, Unmastered)
  • 6:15
    Black Swan LaneLonely
  • 3:50
    Black Swan LaneLow
  • 4:19
    Black Swan LaneOnly I Will Miss
  • 4:08
    Black Swan LaneSavior